Washing Fruits and Vegetables

NoWClean sterilizes many kinds of bacteria on the surface of fruits, vegetables, and processed foods in a single cycle.

Agriculture / Poultry

NoWClean creates clean environment for animals by deodorizing and sterilizing farms and stalls and

Meat/Fish Processing

NoWClean cleans preparation areas and guarantees the freshness of food by reducing food preparation time.

Health/Public Facilities

Public facilities must maintain the highest level of cleanliness. NoWClean maintains a clean and sanitary environment in and outdoors.

Odor Treatment

NoWClean is powerfully effective in eliminating bad odor and bacteria from food waste.


Highly effective in disinfecting bacteria such as E.Coli S.aureus, Vibrio parahaemolyticus and s.typhi which are commonly found in dishware.

Pet Care

NoWClean will help to clean pet's fur and remove odor.

Perm Odor Removal

Lingering odor is a problem for manufacturers and customers of permanent waves. NoWClean helps remove perm odor by washing your hair.

Clothes Odor

NoWClean is very effective for removing bad odor from your clothes.

Closet Odor

Highly effective for removing odor in closets. It can also maintain the highest level of cleanliness by killing the bacteria that causes the odor.

Hand Sanitizing

Hand often act as vectors that carry diseases-causing pathogens from person to person. NoWClean is an effective hand sanitizer.


NoWClean can be used to disinfect children's toys. Spray or soak into the NoWClean water. It is safe for kids and easy for mothers to use.

Foot Care

NoWClean reduces underarm and foot odor. Also, you can prevent athlete's foot by soaking your feet into the NoWClean water repeatedly.

Hemostasis Effect / Wound Care

NoWClean is effective for disinfecting wounds before bandaging.

Bad Breath and Mouth Ulcers

NoWClean helps treat bad breath, stomatitis, and mouth ulcers by gargling occasionally.


NoWClean also disinfects your skin by misting or spraying. If your skin suffered from allergies, atopy, or acne, NoWClean will help.

Shoe Care

Helps prevent athletes foot and foot odor due to dirty shoes. Effectively removes odors in sneakers, boots, work boots, etc.

Commercial Plant Cleaning

Designed to clean commercial food processing plants and to prevent from many kinds of the risks, such as bacteria and odor problems.

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