Multi-Purpose Product

Becky Lee introduced NOWCLEAN water to us a few months ago. We first used it for cleaning and sanitizing cabinet tops, vanities bathroom fixtures, door knobs, etc. Then Becky suggested we use it as a sinus cleaner for gargling and for wounds and sores to kill bacteria. We have found NOWCLEAN water beneficial in all ways we have used it. It is a multipurpose product which we enjoy using.

Maud and Don Throp

Amazing Cleaning Power…Yet Can Be Used to Rinse Vegetables

I've been using the NoWClean Water for nearly a year and it is amazing the cleaning power it has, yet it can be used to rinse your vegetables. Going to to learn facts about NoWClean Water was an important step to me as this disinfecting & odor removing water is something like we've never seen before.

Robin Blankenship

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